“As a Law Firm, our company keeps records of all our clients’ most sensitive information. We need assurance that this material will not be compromised and is properly destroyed under strict security conditions. Whether the material is collected frequently or in large archive quantities, we want the same assurances.”

When it comes to data destruction, your company’s sensitive documents, CDs and files must be handled by professionals.

Loumbos is fully accredited to collect and process confidential data. Our company is a corporate member of the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL) and we use Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) approved equipment.

We control the entire document destruction process securely and confidentially in our closed-loop process, with same day disposal assured and a Certificate of Destruction provided for all secure material collected and destroyed.

Our licensed, insured employees will collect your confidential documents in secure vehicles which will be tracked and monitored via satellite navigation while in transit to our high security premises for shredding.

For absolute control, digital video surveillance cameras and security gates protect our secure premises. Access is restricted with key coded entry and a back to base monitored alarm system.

Choose Loumbos to help:

  • Protect your business from risks such as security breaches and identity theft
  • Comply with all existing regulations to dispose of documents securely
  • Protect your brand, reputation and pricing
  • Reduce your exposure to litigation

How it works

Our secure office and workplace disposal process is easy, yet extremely effective:

  1. Your staff place their confidential data into lockable bins or containers for collection by our licensed and insured employees.
  2. Locked bins are emptied into secure trucks or transported to our secure destruction facility.
  3. Your materials are shredded on the same day, ready to be recycled.
  4. A Certificate of Destruction is provided for all secure material collected, ensuring you have a record of your confidential documents for destruction.

Talk to us today – a Loumbos Sales Representative will visit you to review your needs and tailor a program that will get you on the road to efficient and unobtrusive recycling.



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