Loumbos announce joint venture

Market leading Joint Venture delivers more for clients

A strategic Joint Venture Agreement between market leaders in waste destruction, Loumbos Pty Ltd and Canberra Recycling Pty Ltd will provide clients in NSW and ACT with the most secure destruction services for paper, electronic media and products.

Enviro Destruction Services will work with corporate and government clients across NSW and the ACT to dispose of paper documents, hard drives, computer components, manufacturing plant equipment and even contraband. Loumbos currently operates in Sydney while Canberra Recycling services the ACT.

The joint venture company, Enviro Destruction Services, which also operates out of Canberra, will broaden the companies’ geographic reach. Diana Morris, National Sales Manager for Loumbos says Enviro Destruction Services is the result of forward thinking by two of Australia’s pioneers in waste disposal and recycling.

Canberra Recycling was established in 1960 and is now operated by Stephen Power and Ann Connell. Loumbos was established in Sydney in 1966 by Val Loumbos who continues to own and operate the organisation.

“The joint venture will enable our clients to benefit from the combined forces of both of these market leaders,” said Diana.

She continued, “While they’ll still receive service and advice based on local knowledge, they’ll also enjoy more efficient services, better price points and the introduction of global, national and local strategies for innovation.”

Loumbos launches a new website

A window into the Loumbos business & the services we offer

Loumbos are totally committed to ensuring all current and potential customers have enough information at their fingertips to make decisions on who should run their waste removal and recycling programs. The new Loumbos website is a great representation of our whole business and provides some insight into the services we offer.
We will ensure that we continue to build the information available and regularly issue news updates on what is happening in the Loumbos business and within the recycling industry. The new site launched on July 16th, 2010.

Loumbos now in the ACT

Even more secure destruction services for ACT and NSW

Every year, government departments and corporations in the ACT and NSW dispose of thousands of tonnes of confidential waste in the form of paper documents, electronic media, manufacturing plant equipment and contraband.

Much of this is destroyed and recycled by market leaders Loumbos and Canberra Recycling.

Now, thanks to the arrival of Enviro Destruction Services, a joint venture between Loumbos and Canberra Recycling, even more clients will benefit from their highly secure destruction services.

Diana Morris, National Sales Manager for Loumbos, says Canberra Recycling and Loumbos are the perfect partners to enter this JVA.

“When you’re handling documents, media and products on behalf of government and corporates, confidentiality is absolutely imperative. Our staff have been police checked and our processes scrutinised to ensure we operate within the strictest government regulations,” she said.

Each of the three companies has achieved two accreditations from government to verify their capabilities to securely handle, transport, destroy and where possible, recycle highly confidential data and products.

“Our plants are fully equipped to manage secure document, data and product destruction. That means we can provide rapid destruction on demand and that, should equipment failure occur for any reason, the information we’re handling will never be left exposed.”

As well as working directly with clients, the joint venture partners often manage secure data and document destruction on behalf of other waste disposal organisations.


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